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Hungry Hearts


Text Box: Welcome to the Hungry Hearts Ministries website! 
	The purpose of  this ministry is to teach Christians how to live according to the way of life taught in the law of God, and to baptize them in The Holy Spirit, so they can worship the living God both in Spirit and in Truth. We accomplish this with a five point outreach: a local service, a Feast of Sukkot celebration, a weekly message ministry, books on our purpose, and missions overseas. We are a ministry dedicated to serve the God of Israel. Too many Christian organizations are focused around men. It takes men and women to serve God, we need to change the focus from ourselves to Yeshua (Jesus). Our focus and our outreach is focused on showing people to encounter their God. That is to God our father and his son Yeshua. We live by his Torah, because He has commanded us to do so. By the law of God, our freedom as Christians is defined and protected. We accept His one and only son as our savior because, Yeshua paid for our sins by His death on the cross. We continually seek more of His spirit, because it is the power of God living in us. We were created to worship the living God, and we accept this destiny with great joy! We worship the Lord, and earnestly seek His face, for He has redeemed us! As for many Christians we are not perfect, nor are our lives, and only by the grace of Yeshua the Messiah can we be made clean. However, we still obey the Law of God, to show our obedience, admiration and, dedication to the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. 
The Purpose of this Website
	The purpose of this website is to update our ministry supporters of what Hungry Hearts Ministries is involved in, or to provide useful information to those interested in our ministry. You may download free messages online, browse our merchandise for sale, learn about upcoming events, check Evangelist Bill Shults’ itinerary, order free information, read the teachings in our archives, or join our chatrooms to discuss the Bible and current events! We hope that you enjoy our new website!


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